Policies, Rules & Regulations

Policies, Rules & Regulations – Bylaws
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Article 1 – Name, Seal and Location
The name of the Club shall be BEACONSFIELD YACHT CLUB and in French shall be YACHT CLUB DE BEACONSFIELD.
The seal shall read: “Beaconsfield Yacht Club, founded 1967, Quebec incorporated 1969”. The Club shall have its seat in Beaconsfield, Quebec.

Article 2 – Object
The object of the Club shall be to encourage the sport of yachting, to promote boating safety and to provide and maintain suitable boating facilities and clubhouse for the recreation and use of its members.

Article 3 – Burgee and Insignia
The Club Burgee shall be triangular shaped, bearing a design based on the seal of the City of Beaconsfield in gold colour on a dark green field. The Club’s insignia shall be a crest showing the Club’s burgee on a black background over blue waves and the inscription FORTI NIHIL DIFFICILE, surrounded by a golden rope intertwined at the bottom.


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